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Pagan Sites
 Celtic Moon Clan
Kentucky Pagan Festivals
 Silver Threads
Contacts around the world

 Lady Bridget's Wicca Ways

 Church of Iron Oak

 Raven's Pagan Contact Forum


 The Witches Voice

The Zodiac Bistro
 -- Lodge of Herne
Mens Mysteries

 Covenant of the Goddess

Patricia Telesco

Moonfire Coven
  Enchanted Cauldron
Web Ring

 AvatarSearch OccultLink 

  SpiritWeb-Mail Lists

  Pagan Path

NY Pagans

Circle Sanctuary
Jaz's Pagan Page
A Resource for Pagans & Wiccans

Pagan WebCrafters' Association
US Army Chaplin's Handbook:
Excerpt on Wicca

Wisconsin Spirit Pathways

 The City Witch

 StarFire Rising

Phoenix Festivals Online
The European Witch Trials
Not Pagan, but a discussion of history

 Burning Times
The Celtic Circle
Tennessee Witches
 Universal Life Church
Technically not pagan, but a resouce for some.

 FireDancer's Fire Poetry Site
South Florida Grove of the Faery Dragon
The Cymry home page of South Florida We are a Welsh Druidic Tradition. We honor and worship the Goddess and God by striving to relink mankind with the Divine, Nature and each other (community).

Pagan/Metaphysical Studies Sites
 Runes The Meanings of the Runes  Stones/Crystals
 Brigid's Magical Herb Garden
The Herbal Encyclopedia
Learning the Tarot Course

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