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Moonfire'sShopping Mall
New Age Department

The Email Psychic - Offers extremely accurate, 24 hour psychic readings by using clairvoyant perception.  
The Rosemary Company - The Rosemary Company presents a selection of unique scented herbal gifts for wedding, shower, anniversary, and memorial tributes.  
Delight Company's outlet store for unique gifts - Glycerin Designer Soap, natural body care, flower candle, glow lights, spa treatments, aromatherapy products. Large discounts, free samples, lots of info.  
Avis Karmichael Presents The Aromatherapy Rice Pillow! - The Aromatherapy Rice Pillow has taken form in a pillow made of natural grains and wild herbs. This amazing pillow is made to shape itself to you where you need it, while the infusion of scent from the herbs relaxes you, calms you, soothes you and heals.  
Online Psychic Readings Only! - Psychic gives online readings. Accurately. No 900#'s no telephone calls.  

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