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The Moon is associated with emotions. We are made mostly of water and it causes the tides in the ocean, as well as within us. The Moon is a strong influence in our lives. As the closest body to earth, it has the most influence after the Sun. The Moon also rules hearth and home. A strong Moon could cause a person to become a hermit, or it can increase the tendency to have a showplace home.


Mercury is associated with speed and agility. Mercury was the messenger of the Gods. Mercury rules communications, commerce, intelligence, skill and dexterity. Mercury also rules thieves and tricksters. A strong Mercury could make you a good storyteller, shrewd bargainer, and a great debater. Mercury prominent in your chart will also give you a good memory. On the negative side Mercury’s influence could cause you to be critical, sarcastic, argumentative and sly. Lies, deceit, and fraud are some of the more negative traits.


Venus represents love and pleasure. The Goddess Venus taught man the art of seduction. She also taught him about temperament, self indulgence and spite. Venus indicates how you will interact with the opposite sex and your artistic leanings. It rules your ability to love and to share others, and also governs your choice of gifts, cosmetics, flowers and art objects. A strong Venus in your chart can make you very easy to get along with. Venus’s negative influence can cause a person to be self indulgent and have no will power.


Mars is the planet of physical energy. It governs your sex drive, forcefulness, and aggression. Your will to win, energy levels, and boldness are all governed by Mars. On the down side, Mars can bring strife, conflict, tension, anger and destruction. Accidents are ruled by Mars. The negative side can bring on sudden illness and injury. The prominence of Mars in your chart will affect your personality by making you more or less enterprising, quick, active, aggressive and a leader. Mars is will and energy unleashed.


Jupiter is the planet of Good Luck. It also brings joy, optimism, success and generosity. Jupiter being the largest planet in the solar system, symbolizes abundance. Jupiter rules over knowledge, higher learning, wealth, health and happiness. Jupiter knowledge is more philosophical than Mercury’s cleverness. Jupiter has a down side too. It can indicate extravagance, laziness, blind optimism, and the possibility to be a spendthrift. Sometimes it is a difficult struggle to gain the wisdom of Jupiter.


The planet of responsibility and work ethic. Saturn is responsible for strengthening your character through trial and difficulty. It has been a symbol for Father Time. Saturn never gives more than we can handle. Steel tempered by fire is much stronger than one tempered by water. On the down side Saturn can make you overly ambitious, calculating and selfish. It can turn you solitary, inhibited and unhappy. It has also been associated with the traits of inflexibility, cruelty, and pessimism. Saturn rules fate and we can use it to our advantage.


Uranus is the planet of change, originality and surprises. This planet can bring swift unexpected changes in your life. It can also give an indication of will and secret power. This power is revealed over a life time where Mars is quick energy. A strong Uranus in your chart will show it self in your forms of non-conformity. You may dress outlandishly or have "far out" views on things. This planet has a generational impact rather than an individual impact. The message is to move with change and not be afraid of the future.


The planet of mystery and illusion. Neptune rule the imagination. Its position in a chart indicates what kind of ideals and goals you have. The Neptune influence brings great depth of understanding, ESP ability, and creative genius. When Neptune is prominent in a chart, the person is more likely to become involved in mysticism or psychic phenomena. When Neptune is afflicted, the person has trouble separating fantasy from reality. As a generational planet, Neptune’s influence will not be fully understood till later in history.


Pluto is a planet of great power, but it is difficult to understand. Pluto releases your dormant forces and causes your suppressed energies suddenly to erupt. Pluto also rules the subconscious. The negative aspects of Pluto are murder, terrorism, and mob violence. Pluto is responsible for the beginnings and ends of the phases in your life. Pluto prominent in a chart can cause a person to suddenly pick up and move seemingly on a whim. Pluto represents the Highest and Lowest that mankind is capable of doing.


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