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Tools to a working Wiccan are very personal and important.
There is a debate about which is better, bought or made tools. If you care to make them they will have more of your energy, and you will have exactly what you want. If you are like me and rather impared when it comes to making things, you may wish to purchase your tools. I was taught that you should not bargain for working tools you purchase. I believe that the proper tool will come to you if you are patient.
Always remember NEVER touch another's tools, jewelry, etc. without permission.


 Your personal knife. By tradition, it has a black, wooden handle upon which you inscribe your personal power runes. It also should be double edged blade to remind us that the Goddess has two sides and her blessings can cut both ways. Plain or Fancy is up to the individual and tradition they follow. In many traditions if the athame draws blood, it must be destroyed. The only thing (by tradition) that it should ever cut in the mundane world is a handfasting cake.

I was taught that it should be cut from living wood. (Be sure to ask the tree for permission first, and leave an offering after) It should be as long as from your elbow to the tip of your longest finger. It should be as big around as your thumb. A wand (by tradition) has no decorations. (During the burning times it could be tossed on a wood pile and would be hidden.) But modern Wiccans often decorate their wands with crystals, charms, ribbons, etc.

 In ancient times this was a necessity of a family to cook meals, today we tend to use smaller versions. I use mine to hold my charcoal/incense. I put some sand in the bottom to help deflect the heat and make cleanup easier. The cauldron represents the Mother and her abundance.

The Pentagram/Pentacle is used to represent Earth on most altars. By tradition it is made of wax to it could be easily broken and discarded if necessary. Many today are wood, glass, crystal, metal. Note: If you work with fairies be sure not to use iron in your circles it offends them.:-)

Singulim (Belt)
The Singulim, or belt, is used to help the spirit return to the body during astral travel, as well as a convenient place to hang your athame. (evil grin)


 Many Wiccans keep candles of every shape and color on hand. I have a large stock, but mostly I have hurricane (emergency type) white candles. They are all purpose, and are not expensive. I use the candles in glass for my altar to help prevent wax spills on my altar cloths.

Many use bulk incense that is placed on charcoal to smolder. I like this because I can control the amount, scent, etc., better. I make most of my own incense from herbs and resins. It is not difficult, but can be time consuming, and messy.

A bell is used to call the God/dess. It should have a clear pleasant sound.

Salt has been used for purification for all time. I use non-iodized salt from the supermarket. It is inexpensive and works wonderful. It can also be obtained from gourmet stores.

Try to use the purest water available, or sea water.

Altar Cloth
The altar cloth should cover the top of the altar. It can be plain or very fancy. A friend of mine, places a piece of glass over hers (very fancy with lots of embroidery) so that it will not be soiled. The cloth should be clean, and wrinkle free and made (ideally) from cotton or other natural fiber.

Statues to represent deity are wonderful if you have them. They are not necessary. I have a large sea shell I found to represent the goddess, and a picture of a Stag to represent the god.


Usually the sword belongs to the coven, but many Wiccans today are getting one to use in personal circles. Be sure to test a sword before buying, many are heavier than they look. :-)

The altar can be a coffee table, end table, counter top, etc. I have a dresser I got secondhand that I use. It has drawers for storing supplies. Be sure to cleanse well any secondhand items. They also can be made special from natural material (a slice of tree etc.)

Herbs, etc.
A coven, or even a small study group, uses a lot of supplies. It is a good idea to have a supply of those things you use on a regular basis on hand. Sometimes the store is not open when you have a need.

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