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Direction: East
Color :Yellow, lavender, sky blue, most pale pastels.
Gender: Male (projective)
Magickal tools: Athame, sword, wand, bells, incense burners.

This is rather controversial as some Wiccans place the sword and athame in the South (Fire) and wands in the East (Air) or vice versa. I have placed both here as the choice is ultimately YOURS.

 Ruler: Peralda
Elementals: Sylphs
Wind: Eums
Mythological: Pegasus, Gryphon
Archangel: Raphael
Goddesses: Arianrhod, Nuit, Urania, Iris
Gods: Mercury, Hermes, Thoth,
Season: Spring
Sabbat: Ostara, Vernal Equinox
Sabbat Secondary: Imbolc
Time of Day: Dawn, morning
Day: Wednesday (best day for cutting a wand)
Moon Phase: New Moon to First Quarter
Geographic Locations: Mountaintops, windswept plains, looking up into the sky, (especially good with moving and changing cloud formations).
Urban: Airports, libraries, schools, post offices, shops and stores, tall buildings.
Rural: Open spaces, fields, meadows, prairies, anyplace windswept.
Animals: Eagle, hawk, winged insects, raven, bee, parrot, raccoon, deer, wolf, fox, cat.
Herbs: Lemon balm, mint, sage, verbena, vervain, star anise, bergamot, celery, caraway, dill, fennel, eucalyptus, lemongrass, marjoram, spearmint, peppermint, pine, parsley,
Flowers: Lavender, lily-of-the-valley, sweet pea.
Trees: Ash, birch, palms, beech, aspen.
Edibles: Any fruit that grows on trees, honey, tree saps.
Metals: Tin, aluminum, mercury, silver, finely grained sand or salt.
Gemstones: Clear crystals, amber, jasper, mica, most banded and lacy agates.
Magick types: Divination, travel, instruction, study, freedom, knowledge.
Spell work: Concentration, study, new beginnings, empowerment, recovering lost items.
Ritual work: Tossing objects into the air, fanning light objects, wind magick.
Personal work: Meditation, awareness training
Astrological Signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini
Planets: Mercury, Venus and Uranus
Houses: Third: Everyday life, siblings, Seventh: Partnerships, Eleventh: Friendships.
Life Cycle: Infancy through childhood, birth through 20 years of age.
Chakras: Throat, Pineal (third eye) and Crown
Incense: Lavender, sage, mint.
Sound: Most wind instruments, especially reeds, wind through trees, any airy sound.

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