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 Direction: -North.
Color: Green, brown, gold, violet, olive rust, khaki, all earthy colors
Gender: Female (receptive).
Magickal Tools: Pentacle, disks, plants, soil, coins
Ruler :Ghob (Gob)
Elementals: Gnomes
Wind: Boreas, Ophion
Mythological Creatures: Unicorns, trolls, ogres, giants
Archangel: Uriel
Goddesses: Persephone (Greek), Ceres (Roman), Nephthys(Egyptian), Rhiannon (Celtic)
Gods: Hades, Dionysus, Pan, Adonis Athos (Greek), Cernunnos, Heme Arawan (Celtic).
Season: Winter
Sabbat: Yule
Sabbat Secondary: Samhain
Time of Day: Night
Moon Phase: Third quarter to New Moon
Geographic: Forests, caves, valleys.
Urban:Farmer's markets, gardens, parks, nurseries, basement, kitchens.
Rural: Woodlands, cliffs, canyons, groves, farms, mines
Animals: Owls, night birds, nightingale, turtle, cattle, sheep, buffalo, stag, snakes, dog, gopher, mole; ant, rabbits, moose.
Herbs: Cypress, oak moss, patchouli, ivy, comfrey, sagebrush.
Flowers: Honeysuckle, lilac, mimosa, tulips.
Trees: Oak, Banyan, evergreens, redwoods.
Edibles: All root vegetables. Also dairy products and grains.
Metals: Lead, iron, mercury.
Gemstones: Geodes, petrified wood, onyx, green jasper, jade, smoky quartz, coal, emerald, peridot, turquoise.
Magick Types: Stability, grounding, money, prosperity, fertility, employment.
Spell work: stone, tree, knot, binding
Ritual work: Gardening, burying things, planting, drawing in sand, sculpting.
Personal work: money or prosperity, protection, need for stability or grounding.
Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Planets: Venus, Saturn, Earth
Houses: 2nd : money, possessions, 6th: responsibilities, employment, 10th profession.
Life Cycle: Sage, Crone, past 60
Chakras: Root and Solar Plexus
Sound: Drums, all percussion instruments, especially deep toned.
Incense: Patchouli, magnolia, benzoin,
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