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 Direction: West.
Color: Blue, white, silver, pale greens, turquoise, blue-greens, dark brown or gray.
Gender: Female (receptive).
Magickal tools: Cups, bowls, chalices and cauldrons
Ruler: Niksa
Elementals: Undines
Wind: Zephyrus
Mythological Creatures: Sea serpents, mermaids
Archangel: Gabriel
Goddesses: Aphrodite(Greek), Venus (Roman), Isis (Egyptian), Morganna (Celtic)
Gods: Manannon1 Llew (Celtic), Osiris (Egyptian), Poseidon (Greek), Neptune (Roman).
Season: Fall
Sabbat: Mabon
Sabbat Secondary: Lammas Lughnasadh
Time of Day: Evening, dusk
Moon Phase: Full Moon through the third quarter
Geographic: Oceans, lakes, rivers
Urban: Pools, fountains, pools, hospitals, health spas, doctors offices, bath tubs.
Rural: Wells, waterfalls, ponds, streams1 beaches
Animals: Cranes, pelicans, sea gulls, fish, sea mammals, beavers, bears, elk, jaguar, frogs.
Herbs: Chamomile, camphor, mugwort, myrrh, plumeria, sandalwood, catnip, eucalyptus, wood aloe, yarrow, thyme and vanilla.
Flowers: Jasmine, gardenia, ylang-ylang, narcissus, spider lily, lotus, magnolia,
Trees: Iris, freesia, hyacinth, rose, water lily. Willow, ferns, pine, magnolia.
Edibles: Apples, lemons, melons, berries, all leafy green vegetables, rice and sushi.
Metals: Mercury, silver, platinum, copper
Gemstones: Tourmalines, sapphire, sodalite, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, pearls, malachite, moonstones, amethyst, aquamarine, opals, coral, geodes, jade.
Magick Types: Dreams, psychic awareness, health, love.
Spell work: By the sea, using water, ice or snow.
Ritual work: Ritual bath or shower, floating, sensory deprivation, submerging, dreaming.
Personal work: washing away anything not desired, lucid dreaming, dream dancing, introspection, shamanistic journeys.
Astrological Signs: Canoer, Scorpio and Pisces
Planets: Moon, Neptune and Pluto
Houses: Fourth - Home, Eighth - Inheritances, death, Twelfth - Hidden enemies, secrets
Life Cycle: Mid-life, 40-60 years of age.
Chakras: Crown and Heart
Sound: String instruments - harps, lutes, guitars, violins - some light, flowing bells or chimes.
Incense: Myrrh, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, violet

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