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Pagan Friendly Businesses
The Businesses listed below are all wonderful. I have had contact with each of them. Please tell them that Moonfire sent you.
(I don't get anything for these referrals, except a personal sense of pride that I have sent people to reputable businesses)
Abyss Distribution & AzureGreen Store Online 
Best Source for anything New Age on the Planet (In my Opinion!)
   Moonfire's Books
supporting the bookstore, you support this site
Tropical Treasures
Magickal Items Made in Sacred Space
Pagan owned and operated. Very unique stuff.
Eagleheart Creations
Wood Cups and Ritual Items
 Drak.Net - Free Web Hosting
Pagan owned & operated. A+ in my book!
 Mel's Rocks Around the Clock
(Crystals and Stones)

The Pagan Paralegal
 Ravens Forest 
a great site for many of your supplies

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